In the support of worldwide bee preservation, we have saved 61.7 million bees from extermination all over the world.

Here in Singapore, Comvita is celebrating World Bee Day (20 May), taking action to help save bees. With 50 years of beekeeping craftsmanship in New Zealand, we have partnered with The Sundowner’s non-profit Bee Rescue initiative to humanely relocate bee colonies to safety.

Our sponsorship to The Sundowner enables affordable bee relocation services in Singapore, making it a viable choice over extermination.

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BEEtles in Singapore

The BEEtles are taking a break for World Bee Day!

Visit them at L1, Takashimaya Dept Store from
8 – 22 May with fun activities and offers:

Learn More about Comvita’s Bee Welfare efforts in Singapore, and see Live Bees in safe environment

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