Backed By Science

Gram for gram, when tested under laboratory conditions, the natural antioxidant capability of Comvita Immune BeeTM Propolis hands down beats many well known antioxidant rich superfoods including Blueberries, Elderberries and Green tea - as well as vitamins C and A! Meaning that the flavonoids in our Comvita Immune BeeTM Propolis are plentiful and potent, with us punching well above our weight vs others when it comes to antioxidant capability!​

Through our PFLTM technology, we are able to precisely and exactly measure our flavonoids. For every batch of propolis that we make, we test to ensure at least 8 potent flavonoids (antioxidants) are present including quercetin, pinocembrin, galangin, pinobanksin, chrysin, apigenin, kaempferol and acetate. This means that every serve of Immune BeeTM Propolis is guaranteed to contain the exact measure of pure flavonoids as stated on the pack.​

Fun fact: Did you know… a daily serve of Comvita Immune BeeTM Propolis contains flavonoid levels similar to 8 cups of spinach?


  1. ORAC Data on file: Study was conducted at Plant and Food Research, New Zealand. A New Zealand government research institute.​