UMF® Means Quality And Purity In Every Drop

When it comes to UMF®, there really is no comparison – it’s the global independent standard for Manuka honey.

When you see the UMF® mark on your jar of Comvita honey, it means it’s been independently certified for quality, purity and authenticity by the UMF® Honey Association of New Zealand (UMFHA). As well as regular monitoring, the UMFHA also conduct random sampling to ensure Manuka honey carrying the UMF® mark is always true to label.

Only the UMF® testing process measures the presence of all three signature compounds, Leptosperin, DHA and Methylglyoxal, that together indicate high quality, authentic Manuka honey.

Other rating systems test for only one or two of these compounds. Or, they may even test for something else entirely, like pollen, which is an inaccurate measure. The UMF® number that appears on the label indicates the level of the unique Manuka properties within the honey. The UMF® analysis and rating process gives you a much more comprehensive and assured view of what’s in your honey. For more information on UMF® and the grading system, visit


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