Sweeten Mid-Autumn Festival with Limited Edition Comvita-infused Mooncakes

Mooncakes are a staple every Mid-Autumn Festival but are commonly found to be too sweet, or unhealthy.  With Comvita’s Honey-infused Mooncakes ($88 for a tin of 8 pieces) created in partnership with Janice Wong Singapore, loved ones, colleagues, and relatives can now be gifted four different-flavoured snowskin mooncakes: Pear Manuka Honey, Biscoff Manuka Honey, Lavender Multifloral Honey, and Avocado Multifloral Honey, each filled with the unique and distinct flavours of Comvita Gourmet Honeys from New Zealand. It’s simply perfect for those who want to indulge in the season’s iconic desserts that's naturally sweetened without sugar.


Available from 1st August 2022 at Janice Wong Singapore’s website and outlets, everyone can now indulge in these delicious snowskin mooncakes without feeling too guilty. 


Manuka Honey Mooncakes Created with Janice Wong Singapore


To ensure consumers can enjoy the above with every bite, each mooncake is infused in either Comvita Manuka Blend Honey or Comvita Multifloral Honey. Manuka Blend Honey has hints of pear and toffee with ripened aniseed, raisin, and a maple woodpile finish, and has a syrupy texture of medium viscosity. Multifloral Honey contains a blend of pasture and native bush honey as well as unique floral types giving that herbaceous and crisp with floral notes that are often likened to sweet caramel.


The four exquisitely-created mooncakes available in each box are:

Pear Manuka Honey

Has a mild pear taste and a flavour profile that is just the right amount of sweetness. It contains a strong infusion of Manuka Blend Honey, while textured with crunchy chocolate bits for the extra bite.


 Biscoff Manuka Honey

A delectable combination of biscoff with chocolate and Manuka Blend Honey for that perfectly moreish bite.


Lavender Multifloral Honey

Made from white chocolate with a tinge of lavender, while enriched by Comvita’s  Multifloral Honey.


Avocado Multifloral Honey

Avocado is the key ingredient used and along with the Multifloral Honey, culminating in a taste that is fresh, bold, and verdant.


Orders can be placed online at Janice Wong Singapore's website, while limited quantities are available at Janice Wong's stores in Great World City, i12, and Paragon in Singapore.


To learn more about Comvita and purchase their signature Manuka Honey products, customers can order them online via Comvita Singapore or check out other online platforms and the shelves of physical retail outlets, namely VitaKids, NaturesWisdom, Lazada, Redmart, Shopee, Watsons, Qoo10, Zalora, NTUC Fairprice Marketplace and iShopChangi in Singapore.