Matcha Latte

Making a bowl of matcha is a wonderful morning ritual. This antioxidant rich, green tea gets even better for you when you mix it with the health benefits of New Zealand Comvita™ RewaRewa honey.


1 teaspoon high-grade organic matcha powder
⅔ cup filtered water
⅓ cup unsweetened almond milk 
½ teaspoon of Comvita™ RewaRewa honey, or more to taste.


Preheat the matcha bowl by filling it about ⅓ full of hot water, then dip a whisk into the hot water to wet the tips of the prongs.

Once the bowl has thoroughly preheated, empty water out and dry the bowl.

Heat water to 90°C (you can also boil water and let it sit for a while to cool down).

Measure out 1 level teaspoon of matcha powder and sieve into your matcha bowl (the sieving part is important to remove any clumps and give you a smooth matcha experience).

Pour the measured amount of 90°C water into the bowl. Take the whisk in one hand and hold the rim of the matcha bowl with your other hand. Whisk the matcha briskly, making a W motion using your wrist, until the tea has a thick froth with tiny bubbles on the surface.

Add Comvita™ RewaRewa honey and gently stir until dissolved.

Heat your milk in a milk frother or steamer and pour over your matcha.

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