Introducing Megan May: Our Partner In Whole Food Living

Since 1974, Comvita has been working with nature’s purest ingredients to understand their health-giving properties. Our founders, Claude and Alan, established Comvita to help people live healthy and happy lives through their natural products. 40+ years later, we are still delivering on that mission.

Since childhood, Megan May struggled with food intolerances. Throughout her 20s, she suffered from illness, and eventually funnelled her passion for food and training as a chef in to self-treatment through organic, whole and raw foods.

It was this path to self-treatment and healing through food that led Megan to become one of New Zealand’s premier chefs, creating a business around raw, healthy food, free from meat, dairy, eggs, gluten and refined sugars.

Her business, Little Bird Organics, has become an incredibly prominent health food brand in New Zealand. Her corresponding award-winning Unbakery Cafes, with locations in Britomart and Ponsonby, serve up raw, vegan delights daily, drawing huge crowds of hungry visitors – vegan and omnivores alike.

Megan’s values resonate with us here at Comvita – we share a vision that nature is the answer when it comes to health and wellbeing.

Using our new look gourmet table honeys, sourced from pure, natural New Zealand, Megan has created three whole food recipes to try.

These recipes are as scrumptious as they are nutritious, and Megan has done a beautiful job of matching the flavours, colours, textures and aromas of each of our table honeys with fresh whole foods.

The result is a set of sensational masterpieces that nourish the body and soul. We can’t wait for you to try them!

Try Megan’s delicious recipes:

Fig & Almond Breakfast Bars
Choc-Dipped Berry Ice Cream Blocks
Golden Mango Cake