Comvita Honeygar

Many people don’t know about the super powers of apple cider vinegar and most people turn their faces up at the thought of drinking it. But Manuka Honey on the other hand, we just can’t get enough!

So the clever team at Comvita® came up with a new signature blend of these two ingredients to come up with their unique Honeygar™.

Comvita® Honeygar™ combines naturally fermented Apple Cider Vinegar with Comvita® UMF® 5+ Manuka Honey. It can be taken as a health tonic or used in salad dressings. Since ancient times vinegar has traditionally been used for a healthier life.

Serving suggestion: To make a healthy and delicious beverage, mix one tablespoon of Comvita® Honeygar™ with water, adding lemon to taste. In Winter use warm water.

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