3 Ways To Inject More Energy Into Your Everyday

What does a typical day look like for you? Most people are busy juggling multiple commitments, from work or study to family and catch ups with friends. We’re so busy, we’ve become conditioned to operate at a frantic pace, from the moment the alarm goes off in the morning, to when our tired heads finally hit the pillow. It’s enough to make anyone exhausted!

1. Embrace Healthy Carbs And Protein

To stay energised all day long, wake up to a healthy breakfast rich in protein, unrefined carbs, healthy fats and essential vitamins and minerals. Protein helps your body repair cells, while carbs are converted into glucose, which is used by your body to fuel every activity – even breathing. These simple overnight Manuka honey oats tick all the nutrition boxes, keeping you full and energised all day. Manuka honey is the real star of the dish. Try the recipe here:

2. Spice Up Your Daily 5

You know the drill: Eating a diet high in processed carbs and sugars and low in greens can contribute to fatigue and generally make you feel lacklustre. Your body needs 5+ servings of fruit and veggies, every day, to operate at optimum level.But your daily five doesn’t have to be boring. We’ve got a couple of ideas to mix up the way you prepare and cook veggies:

  • Drizzle roasted veggies with balsamic vinegar and Manuka honey for a major flavour kick.
  • Give salads a littel more oomph with a tasty dressing, such as our Manuka Salad Dressing. Its fresh, sweet flavours will brighten up any salad.
  • In cooler months, blend your veggies into a vitamin-packed soup, like this Butternut Pumpkin Soup, a tasty winter warmer loaded with energy-boosting veg, herbs and spices.



3. Develop A Relaxing Nightly Ritual

Stress puts your body in fight-or-flight mode, which can drain your energy levels. Taking a few moments each day to meditate and relax can have a big impact on reducing your stress levels, and doing it before bed can help to turn off the noise of the day and prepare for a deep, restful sleep. Want to start tonight? Try our relaxing Manuka Honey Nighttime Tea Ritual, which combines nourishing ingredients like NZ Manuka honey and apple cider vinegar with caffeine-free tea to help you to relax and get settled for a good night’s rest. Try the recipe here.