Bee Protection for Your Immune System

Honeybees are clever. They make bee propolis by collecting resin from trees and combine it with beeswax and enzymes to seal and protect the hive. This barrier provides powerful protection, warding off any incoming bacteria, viruses, fungi and other illness from entering the hive.

Honeybees even lay down a mat made of propolis to walk over and cleanse themselves as they enter the hive.

Bee propolis protects our body in the same way it protects the hive. Because bee propolis originates from a plant’s immune system, it's extremely potent and contains over 300 natural, bioactive compounds, flavonoids and phenolics (potent antioxidants) that work at a cellular level to fight free radicals and support the body’s immune system, naturally.

Backed By Science

There are now many scientific studies that prove the immune power of the beehive and what people have known for centuries – that natural bee propolis works when it comes to immune function support and antibacterial support.

Bee propolis is highly effective in protecting the beehive because of its strong antimicrobial and antioxidant capability. Science informs us that it's these protective properties that give propolis the power to support the human immune system.

Here at Comvita, we invest to understand the science behind our bee propolis so that you can have confidence in the efficacy and purity of our products.

Pure Propolis

We source our raw propolis from Comvita beekeepers and trusted beekeeping partners. Because bees can collect propolis from up to five kilometres in any direction from their hive, we triple test all of our raw propolis for pesticides, residues, heavy metals and other chemicals to ensure every batch meets our stringent quality criteria.

We don't add artificial flavours, colours or preservatives to our bee propolis products, so that you receive only the purest and most potent flavonoids in every daily dose!